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Roman Willi

Roman Willi is an award-winning wildlife photographer and filmmaker who has received recognition for his work from the National History Museum in the Wildlife Photographer of the year photo competition. Based in Lucerne, Switzerland, Roman travels the world capturing unique images of different ecosystems revealing their mysteries. He specializes in macro photography with his main […]

The Animals of Costa Rica app

The Animals of Costa Rica app brings together the immense biodiversity of Costa Rica to your cell phone. Our team lead by Stefan and Gemot Kunz made it easy to explore the more than 6,500 different species of animals ranging from the mammals to the insects found in Costa Rica. The BioSur Foundation has provided […]

Rufous Tree Rat

A new mammal to the Costa Rician rainforest has been found! Believed to be only in Ecuador, Colombia, and Central Panamá The Rufous Tree Rat (Diplomys labilis) has been discovered high in the canopies of the Osa Peninsula thanks to the efforts and keen eyes of The BioSur Foundation researchers. The Rufous Tree Rat is […]

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