Insectopia Collection

The BioSur Foundation offers students, volunteers and tourist state of the art facilities equipped with an entomological laboratory. We also have a biological collection at the Puerto Jiménez Airport to welcome international guests to Costa Rica. We have created an insectopia which is dedicated to the preservation and research of insects native to Costa Rica. Our insectopia has manifested into a biological bank of information on the array of species from the South Pacific of Costa Rica. Out insectopia is a tool for future generation to gain valuable knowledge and increase the bioliteracy.

This project’s main focus is conservation of biodiversity, for this, we need to first understand each species and its role in the complex network of ecosystem relations. We preserve about 8,000 insects from the tropical rainforest of the South Pacific of Costa Rica to increase the biological literacy.

It is clear that the planet has been pushed to near its breaking point evident by the loss of biodiversity. The steady increase of pollution, deforesting ecosystems and the heating of the Earth is threatening biological annihilation. It is estimated that 50% of the animals that humans have shared the planet with throughout history have already gone extinct. This steep decline of the biodiversity of our planet will be the sixth mass extinction of species in history as the fauna of Earth continues to collapse.

Insects are the basis of any food-web and have many roles in the ecosystem. From pollinating most plants, to keeping the soil healthy by decomposing different material on the ground. It has recently been discovered that insects are disappearing at a speed eight times faster than mammals, birds and reptiles. Each year there is a staggering 2.5% decrease in the number of insects on our planet. If this trajectory remains the same, in about 100 years most of the insects on our planet could disappear. Terrestrial and Aquatic ecosystems will inevitably collapse if insect populations are wiped out. 

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