International Volunteer Program

The International Volunteer Program is aimed towards the international community who wish to collaborate with the BioSur Foundation on issues related to conservation and environmental education, in addition to knowing more about Costa Rica’s biodiversity as well as practicing the Spanish language.

The purpose of the IVP is to meet the needs that arise around the environment, whether in local communities, schools or colleges, through the delivery of workshops that will facilitate addressing issues related to conservation, pollution, deforestation, among others.

Our volunteers will also gain field work experience in the Río Nuevo Private Reserve or surrounding places, performing projects such as placement and monitoring of camera traps, insect sampling, cleaning beaches, rivers and mangroves, among others. As well as, visit, meet or work in the Insectopia Collection in assembly of specimens, labeling and curatorship of the collection.


  • Environmental workshops in the community
  • Environmental education workshops in schools and colleges
  • Beach, river and mangrove cleaning project
  • Project placement and monitoring camera traps
  • Trail construction project on the property of Rio Nuevo

Program requirements

  1. For this program any international person may participate. Every participant is of legal age, fluent in the Spanish or English language, have the physical capacity to cross rivers and make prolonged walks, basic understanding of general Latin American culture, be able to perform teamwork under supervision and have good interpersonal relationships.
  2. This volunteer program is designed for short periods, to be agreed upon with the groups of volunteers without exceeding five nights and six days. In addition, the BioSur Foundation will facilitate the work to be carried out at your convenience in certain established periods of the day, so the rest of the day, the volunteer will carry out activities of interest outside those assigned by the Foundation
  3. Volunteering includes breakfast, snack, lunch or dinner according to the schedule that is established with respect to the activity you want to perform, for example, if a river is cleaned from 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m., only breakfast and a snack will be provided.

To consult available dates of volunteers and rates contact our work group.

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