National Volunteer Program

The National Volunteer Program is a program aimed towards Costa Ricans who wish to collaborate in the environmental education projects of the BioSur Foundation while contributing from the knowledge and skills of their fellow peers.

This program takes core approaches such as environmental education through workshops, from dramatic or pictorial art, among others, so it is aimed at students of the natural, social and dramatic sciences of public or private study centers.

Modality and requiriments

  1. To be part of our volunteering program, each person must be fluent in Spanish, have the physical capacity to cross rivers and make prolonged walks, basic understanding of general Latin American culture, be able to work in a team and under supervision and have good interpersonal relationships skills.
  2. Being a volunteer program for nationals, the cost of it is very low, covering only the expenses of food, lodging and transportation in the work area.
  3. The period of volunteering will be agreed by the groups that are formed within the dates defined by the Foundation.
  4. The volunteer must study or be professional in branches of the Natural, Social or Dramatic Sciences, so it is essential to provide evidence of this.
  5. A legal contract will be made that commits both parties to the performance of volunteering.

If you would like more information, please contact our work team.

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