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Puerto Jiménez history dates back to the beginning of the last century, back to a time when the first migrators began populating the territory. Currently, Puerto Jiménez is the largest community of the Osa Peninsula (Mungula & Zúñiga, 2013)

Because of the scarcity of employment opportunities economic activities have developed that threaten the biodiversity of the region. According to Lobo & Bolaños (2005), the last couple of decades have seen the consolidation of gold mining, which causes pollution and destruction of the habitats around and in the National Park (Honey, 2008).

Therefore, as in many regions of our country and the world, not all the economic activities that take place in the Osa Peninsula allow a healthy coexistence between humans and the rest of the ecosystem of the area. The threats of extensive agricultural practices, in the form of livestock or monoculture, persist and put pressure on the already fragile limits of the ecosystems, such as the rainforest, mangroves and marine-coastal strip.

Despite all these challenges in its history, currently Puerto Jiménez is considered the cradle of ecotourism, as it constitutes one of the main entry bridges to the Corcovado National Park, where the creation of hotels and hostels have been promoted, which helps ensure a focus conservation.

The BioSur Foundation intends to create the first Environmental Education Center (CEA) in the Osa Peninsula, to promote bioliteracy and environmental education necessary to begin to generate concrete changes in the lives of old and new generations, through the dissemination of truthful information that promotes the appreciation, conservation, and preservation of the last tropical rainforest in the South Pacific of Costa Rica.

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