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Within the framework of the foundation, there is a network of allies that, through agreements, will allow to boost and expand the knowledge of the Tropical Rain Forest outside our borders, since it has been considered one of the places that propitiate a unique biological dynamism, given its rich endemism. Throughout our career as a Foundation, we have achieved a series of contracts and exchanges with national and international universities and associations.


An activity of great importance is the donation of insect specimens to the University of Costa Rica and the National Museum as part of the agreements and institutional responsibility, since these institutions represent an important study agent for our biodiversity, and its promotion will lead to the interest and training of many professionals. Also, we have contracts with the World Biodiversity Association of Italy, through which students from this country come to our laboratories to carry out research on the biological richness of the Osa Peninsula. These investigations refer to master’s degree projects that, without a doubt, represent an important development for our Foundation and for the country, since they allow the dissemination of biodiversity outside our borders.

Insectopia Insect Museum: Insectopia has the responsibility of carrying out concrete actions for the conservation of biodiversity, therefore we need to first understand each species and its functions in order to study the complex network of relationships in ecosystems. In response to scientific ignorance and lack of environmental education in one of the biologically richest regions on Earth, we host about 8,000 preserved insects of the Tropical Rainforest of the South Pacific of Costa Rica. Insectopia is dedicated to the preservation and investigation of insects, allowing the creation of a South Pacific biological information bank. This represents a natural heritage for future generations that will help us understand the current ecological imbalance.


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