Rio Nuevo Private Reserve

One of the pillars of the BioSur Foundation is the conservation of ecosystems, that is why we have safeguarded more than 55 hectares of primary rainforest, in the important buffer zone of Corcovado National Park and golfo Dulce Forest Reserve, located 8 km away the downtown of Puerto Jiménez. BioSur offers the Rio Nuevo Private Reserve for student volunteers and tourists who wish to know the biodiversity of the Osa Peninsula Tropical Forest.

The Rio Nuevo Private Reserve is home to countless endangered animals and plants. During field working and monitoring camera traps our team and volunteers, have been able to capture many important mammals to ecosystem on film, such as dantas (tapir), pumas, ocelots, anteater, two species of sloths, armadillo, otter, tolomuco, pizote, raccoon and the four species of monkeys present in Costa Rica, approximately 200 bird species, 20 species of amphibians. A large number of reptiles and arthropods have been confirmed on camera.

Tropical rainforests are the most complex and biodiverse ecosystem, home to 80% of known species and covering less than 5% of the world's surface. However, rainforests are perhaps the most threatened habitat on earth and the most vulnerable to deforestation. Every year about 140,000 square kilometers of rainforests (330 times the Corcovado National Park area) are destroyed by people and companies dedicated to the expansive industries of monocultures and livestock, as well as extracting wood and mining metals.

Forest degradation and deforestation in tropical countries is a major environmental, social and economic problem and will continue to be so unless drastic action is taken. We have little time if we want to save the remaining rainforests for future generations and thus preserve the beautiful biodiversity they host and the benefits of the ecosystem services they give us.

BioSur hopes to continue acquiring properties surrounding the Rio Nuevo Private Reserve for conservation, generating reforestation projects, as these lands are currently dedicated to livestock and African palm.

The donations you make will be earmarked for the creation of a fund that allows the Bio Sur Foundation to acquire more properties dedicated to conservation and develop the Center for Tropical Research (ILC).

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