The Center for Tropical Research (CIT)

The Center for Tropical Research (CIT) will be located within the Río Nuevo Private Reserve of the BioSur Foundation, 8 km from downtown Puerto Jiménez. The CIT will be a study and research center for the conservation of the Tropical Rainforest. The BioSur Foundation continues to work to be able to finance the development of a sustainable research center which will have laboratories, classrooms, reception, a dining room, kitchen, bedrooms and multiple bathrooms. There we have a network of trails that enables a portion of the reserve to be dedicated towards scientific exploration, environmental education and ecotourism. The CWI will work with scientific-academic tourism groups in helping tourism to the Osa Peninsula. Ecotourism will generate new jobs and with tourist microenterprises in Puerto Jiménez (Tour operators, carriers, restaurants, sodas and naturalist guides). In addition, as a dual purpose, it will serve as a checkpoint that allows to increase presence in the Osa peninsula and stop environmental problems such as the theft of centenary trees for precious woods, gold extraction, and poaching which all play a role in socio-environmental conflicts that impact the Río Nuevo región.

To complete the CIT project, an investment of $11,461,344.22 will be needed in infrastructure investment as well as about $46,166.00 in annual operating, for a total investment of about $11,507,511.22.

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