Board of directors

Founder and President: Jim Cordoba Alfaro 
Founder and director of the BioSur Foundation, he studied Entomology at the National University of Costa Rica and has a history of more than 10 years of experience working with neotropical butterflies. He has studied butterflies since the age of 9 and was part of the team of the National Museum of Costa Rica performing the work of digitalization, healing and preparation of samples for zoology collections.
He has provided support to the University of Costa Rica from the reserve and in the butterfly farm, in activities such as specimen donations, and their digitization and assembly.

His trajectory in the study of the biodiversity of the South Pacific has granted him the discovery of 3 butterflies and a mammal for Costa Rica, being this one of the most important attributions.
Since 2013 he has been a certified guide by the Costa Rican Tourism Institute and has been dedicated to this activity mainly in the Corcovado National Park. Also, he currently dedicates a large part of his life to the promotion of the BioSur Foundation to generate positive impacts from the conservation and preservation of the environment, and to promote environmental education in the community of Puerto Jiménez and in the region of the Osa Peninsula.

Secretary: Juan Carlos Calleja Ross -

Degree in Graphic Design from the University of Costa Rica. Since 2005 he has worked as a designer, and photographer. Juan is also a museographer for the Regional and Community Museums Program of the National Museum of Costa Rica, providing advice, training as well as having a hand in different projects in cultural and natural museums throughout the country.


Treasurer: Karla Barquero Villalobos
Studying biology at the University of Costa Rica and specializes in the study of bats and their variety of species, diets, habitats, and role within the tropical ecosystems. Karla is one of the first Costa Rican biologists to develop the study of bioacoustics. Kalra has also conducted several studies for the University of Ulm in Germany.

Her fascination with bats opened the door to her next passion: environmental education and working with communities that coexist around protected areas. She has been on this path for several years working in the non-governmental sector, developing projects that combine education with tourism, conservation, and multisectoral management. Subsequently, she joins the corporate sector and expands her professional experience to the field of corporate social responsibility. She transitioned her career towards Human Resource management. She has since expanded her skills and experience, successfully holding several positions in local, regional and multinational companies both, in Costa Rica and Mexico. Karla is an enthusiastic communicator, passionate about creativity, development and organizational transformation, she currently develops her own projects as an independent consultant and coach.

Advisor 1: Ricardo Murillo Hiller
He discovered his passion for insects at the age of 5. He collected flies and moths, however, at the age of 7 he decided to specialize in butterflies. At the age of 13 he began to work as a volunteer in a butterfly farm at the Insect Museum of the University of Costa Rica, quickly gaining laboratory and field experience. He studied Tropical Biology at the National University of Costa Rica where he obtained his Masters.

Currently, Luis is a professor of entomology and wildlife management at the School of Biology of the University of Costa Rica, where he founded the exhibition of live butterflies and the Butterfly Breeding Research Laboratory. He is also the curator of lepidoptera at the Museum of Zoology for the University of Costa Rica. He is the director of the Leonelo Oviedo Nature Reserve and has published more than twenty-five research articles in international journals. Currently, his research focuses on the effect of hybridization and phytogeography of owl butterflies, as well as writing a new book on Costa Rican butterflies.

Advisor 2: Yaritza Villalobos
Yaritza is a community leader and councilor of Puerto Jiménez in the Municipality of Golfito. She wishes to highlight the cultural traits of our community rooted in the rich biodiversity of the Osa, being the founder of the Puerto Jiménez Folk Dance Association where she has represented the country in international events in Mexico and Colombia.

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