Environmental Education Center (CEA)

The dedication to our community is part of our core principles. The BioSur Foundation recognizes that educating our community about the importance of conserving the rainforest is essential to the ecosystem’s preservation. The creation of the Environmental Education Center (CEA) will provide a space to call attention to Costa Rica’s enormous biodiversity. The CEA will have an exhibition room. We are excited to also be able to provide a hall for lectures and workshops. The insectopia collection exhibit will be housed at CEA providing a unique experience for visitors. The CEA provides a space for schools, colleges, as well as the local and global community to develop an appreciation for Costa Rica’s ecosystem. This project will also provide much needed eco-friendly job opportunities to the local community of Puerto Jiménez within the ecotourism sector.

To achieve our goal, we will need to raise $10.2 million dollars for the facilities and equipment as well as $34 thousand dollars for annual operating expenses.

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